As a volunteer you can contribute your expertise, talents and energy.

You may volunteer your professional talents or time by calling our Volunteer Coordinator at 206-367-8055. You may also email any questions or let us know you might be available at laplus@laplus.org.

For a little more on the different types of financial help you can provide, click here to take you to our Making a Difference page.



We need your support to fulfill our mission and to continue making a difference…

We are present in the lives of our clients 24 hours a day, seven days a week, whether they can afford our care or not. By assisting Lifetime Advocacy Plus, you help make guardianship services available for the most vulnerable people in our community. Help our tax-exempt, non-profit agency as we continue to help others!

If you would like to make a financial contribution to help Lifetime Advocacy Plus continue to provide its worthy services to its many clients, you may do so by clicking the Donate button above or on our homepage and it will take you straight to PayPal where you can pledge any amount from your credit card.

If you prefer to donate financially over the phone, please contact our Operations Manager at our main number: 206-367-8055.


Thank you! Your donations of time/financial aid help our organization provide vital services.