Available Through Lifetime Advocacy Plus

Master Pooled Asset Trust

A Special Needs Trust for any age: Lifetime Advocacy Plus offers services as trustee for a master pooled asset trust [42 USC §1396 p (d)(4)(c)], as defined by the Social Security Act Section 1917. This trust allows persons with disabilities, regardless of age, to preserve assets for their future extra and supplemental needs while maintaining eligibility for public benefits.  For a more technical explanation, visit Why a Master Pooled Asset Trust?

How do I apply for the Master Pooled Asset Trust?

Other Special Needs Trusts

Irrevocable trusts administered for the benefit of disabled individuals while protecting eligibility of government benefits.

Other Trusts

Qualified to manage many kinds of trusts:  Lifetime Advocacy Plus has a long history of managing many kinds of complex trusts, including Special Needs Trusts.  This organization developed the very first Special Needs Trusts in the seventies, then called the Washington State Craven Trust.


Our Estate and Trust Managers (ETM’s) preserve our clients’ estates and trust funds through prudent financial planning and investments.

The Garrett Heyns Benevolent Trust

LA+ manages this unique trust exclusively for the benefit of clients with unmet financial needs.  100% of your donation (made to Lifetime Advocacy Plus in care of Garrett Heyns) supports these clients where no other funds exist, e.g. a one-time purchase of a special wheel chair.

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