Services Offered by Lifetime Advocacy Plus

Estate and/Personal Guardianship

Lifetime Advocacy Plus, a federal 501(c)(3) non profit agency, is uniquely qualified to manage all aspects of complex or simple guardianships, utilizing interventions that are as least restrictive as possible. LA+ has a strong commitment to protect individual rights, researching and applying for resources and programs that are available for each person. Professional staff members specialize in either estate or personal work and have access to a networked computer system to track all guardianship activities. Lifetime Advocacy Plus also has a bank of volunteers, expert in different aspects of guardianship and trusteeship, which sets policy and consults with staff on a regular basis.


Qualified to manage many kinds of trusts: Lifetime Advocacy Plus has a long history of managing many kinds of complex trusts, including Special Needs Trusts. This organization developed the very first Special Needs Trusts in the seventies, then called the Washington State Craven Trust. Lifetime Advocacy Plus administers the Master Pooled Asset Trust, a(d)(4)(c) Special Needs Trust.

Attorney in Fact

Durable Power of Attorney: Lifetime Advocacy Plus serves as Durable Power of Attorney, responsible for management of assets, medical consent decisions, or other specified duties.

Standby (Peace of Mind) Services

Know we are there to back up a family: Lifetime Advocacy Plus maintains client records and stands ready to help at a future time when relatives or friends are no longer able to provide services.

Individual Consultation

Planning and providing access to resources: Lifetime Advocacy Plus offers professional consultation for families regarding plans for the future of a relative who has disabilities.

Executor/Personal Representative

Lifetime Advocacy Plus becomes a personal representative, conducting the probate of estates as directed by the will and state law.