Putting Lifetime Advocacy Plus in Perspective


1932 ARC: The Association for Retarded Children began in Washington state; later became the Association for Retarded Citizens
1963 Foundation For Handicapped Children was formed; first goals of visitation and assistance to families determined and met; offices established.
1967 Became a United Way Agency
1969 Guardianship services offered by the Foundation, with 20 families assisted the first year.
1969 Mission to confront financial challenges faced by families established.
1975 Foundation supported, with expert assistance, the development of Washington State Craven Trust [special needs trust], a result of financial considerations of families facing high costs related to the care of a child with disabilities.
1975 Foundation led successful effort to review and change actuarial tables for U.S. insurance companies, altering forever the service to families with members who experience disabilities.
1976 Name Change: Foundation for the Handicapped was chosen (focus shifted to adults).
1977 Guardianship law passed by Washington State Legislature, emphasizing full guardianships.
1978 Craven Trust accepted as national model for special needs trusts.
1985 Foundation regionalized to include six offices statewide to better serve Washington state.
1992 New guardianship law emphasizing limited guardianships passed by the Washington State Legislature.
1993 Name: Lifetime Advocacy Plus (LA+).
1993 Formal vision for our clients embraced which focuses on the quality of life of persons served by LA+.
1994 Quality Assurance Program for all guardianship & trust services begun.
1994 Washington Association of Professional Guardians established, with LA+ as one of founding leaders and supporters; Legislative effort to require certification and training of guardians begun.
1994 Strategic Plan 1993-1998 determined. Imperatives: Maintain and expand number of individuals served; articulate and disseminate standards of guardianship excellence; Create and disseminate public policy statements; emerge as a well-own and thoroughly understood Washington State nonprofit organization.
1995 Personal Services Quality Assurance Program established.
2000 Volunteer Development program implemented: Board and committee training and reorganization completed; Fund Development Resources and Strategies.
2002 Lifetime Advocacy Plus offered services for Master Asset Pooled Trust, available for individuals of all ages.
2004 Incorporated new federal General Accepted Accounting Practices as required by federal government for all.
2007 Reviewed financial aspects of Quality Assurance Plan
2008 Established new strategic imperatives.
2008 Fully implemented procedures to support new GAAP procedures for 501 (c) (3) non-profits.
2014 Established new procedures to measure Personal Services & Financial Services programs.